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Re: irc.debian.org

astronut@dlgeek.net wrote:

>>> I agree with Steve. While I agree that freenode has many flaws (the
>>> biggest being NOIDPRIVMSG), I find that while I am in Debian channels on
>> Exactly, why is an optional feature such a big flaw?
>Because it's the default and practically no one changes it. This is a
Maybe because actually it's not such a big deal? :-)

>big problem, because on a network that offers so many support channels,
>you have a lot of users who are on only to get a question answered (Foo
>isn't working, what am I doing wrong?). These users have no desire, nor
>real reason to register a nick. Also, there are lots of times I have
They do not need to. If you want to receive their privated messages then
*you* can disable NOIDPRIVMSG and they will not even know about it.

>been disconnected, and not noticed I wasn't ID'd. I have sent people
>messages, and only hours later realized that they weren't received
>because I wasn't re-ID'd.
Can I suggest you use one of the autoidentification scripts?

>You may also want to ask some of the DD's who refuse to use freenode
>anymore. Some of them have very detailed gripes that might be able to be
Yes, some of them are also former staff members or server sponsors...


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