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Re: irc.debian.org

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Steve McIntyre]
>> I can see that more and more of my own Debian IRC discussions are on
>> oftc, to the extent that I'm (currently) not on any freenode
>> channels at all.
> For me it is the other way around.  I am currently on one channel on
> OFTC, while I am on 7 channels on Freenode, 4 of them related to
> Debian.
I agree with Steve. While I agree that freenode has many flaws (the
biggest being NOIDPRIVMSG), I find that while I am in Debian channels on
both networks, many more open source projects are on freenode, and that
makes things much more convenient. Even if all Debian development moved
to OFTC, I'd still stay on freenode for fluxbox, all of the various kde
components I use, postfix, etc, etc etc. I think it might be better for
us to try to use our influence as a huge source of users to try to
better freenode than to just move.

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