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Re: Debian and professional certifications

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On 04/30/2006 07:43 AM, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> su, 2006-04-30 kello 03:30 -0700, Ottavio Caruso kirjoitti:
>>I have searched though the Debian website and this
>>mailing list and the only reference I have found is an
>>old Debian News regarding the LPI. So my questions
>>1) Is there a specific Debian policy about
>>professional certifications?
>>If not so, what's your personal opinion? Useful,
>>useless, good, evil?
> Debian is a volunteer project and has neither the inclination or
> capability to run professional certifications, and is not involved or
> partnering with any other organization to provide such. This does not
> prevent other interested parties from providing such certification, but
> Debian itself has no part in them.
> I have personally no opinion about professional certification.

	Christoph Lameter [1]used to be Debian representative with
LPI. I don't know if I misunderstood, but I always thought that
Debian, in some way, supports (or recommends) LPI tests/exams as a
way to get a Professional Certification that involves Debian


	LPI exams used to be mutually exclusive with regards to rpm
and dpkg questions, but somebody told me a while ago that now the
tests include both "package managers" and somebody interested in the
certification should know and understand the basics of both.

>>2) What about LPI? I've seen they recommend training
>>centres in the UK which are definitely Microsoft-only.
>>Surely a mistake or are these people interested in
>>money only?
> You'll have to take that up with the LPI, I guess.

	I believe that *maybe* we are talking about "certification
only" places, usually they are Prometric or "Paerson Vue", which
means that you only go there, sit in front of a computer and answer
the LPI questions to get (or not) your certification.

	AFAIK, there are no "LPI Trainning Centers", I mean, LPI
does not have any official places that prepares somebody to the
certification, they only have the certification program. :)

	Hope this help, kind regards,

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