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Re: Debian and professional certifications

su, 2006-04-30 kello 03:30 -0700, Ottavio Caruso kirjoitti:
> I have searched though the Debian website and this
> mailing list and the only reference I have found is an
> old Debian News regarding the LPI. So my questions
> are:
> 1) Is there a specific Debian policy about
> professional certifications?
> If not so, what's your personal opinion? Useful,
> useless, good, evil?

Debian is a volunteer project and has neither the inclination or
capability to run professional certifications, and is not involved or
partnering with any other organization to provide such. This does not
prevent other interested parties from providing such certification, but
Debian itself has no part in them.

I have personally no opinion about professional certification.

> 2) What about LPI? I've seen they recommend training
> centres in the UK which are definitely Microsoft-only.
> Surely a mistake or are these people interested in
> money only?

You'll have to take that up with the LPI, I guess.

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