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Re: Private copies of list replies

Michelle Konzack wrote on 18/03/2006 22:28:
> Am 2006-03-13 16:02:18, schrieb Margarita Manterola:
>>Thunderbird is a very respected MUA.  There's a big group of people
>>who don't feel comfortable writing mails from mutt (or the like), and
>>I don't think it's such a good idea to take into account only people
>>who can use a console-client to be able to receive a reply on a
> I have troied to use Mozilla-Mail as well as Thunderbird, but those
> are crap, specialy if I try to read Mails offline and get HTML-Mails
> which try to download tonns of pics...

Huh? I do just that on a regular basis. And Thunderbird doesn't load
external pics from mails in either online or offline mode unless you
specifically ask it to do so. You probably didn't try TB for a long time.

>>We are not talking about developers, we are talking about anyone who
>>needs to send a mail to a mailing-list and get a reply.
> I am developper and normal-user.  Encourage developers of MUA's to
> code List-Reply stuff...

If you are a developer, you can't also be a "normal user". You have
higher skills than the normal user.
I second urging devs to implement List-Reply stuff though. But I don't
recommend implementing M-F-T (though I don't advise against it either).

>>Also, it's not like we are discussing about mailers for a propietary
>>OS, but it's a free mailer that works inside Debian.
> ...where some Developpers of MUA's thinking, they must make the
> Linuxpedants compatibel with BS ware from a proprietary OS.

?? I don't get what you mean here. Do you mean that Thunderbird devs try
to make TB compatible with Outlook? They certainly don't. Do you mean
that TB is BS? It certainly isn't. I don't have any idea what else you
could mean.


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