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Re: About expulsion requests

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org>
> On 16 Mar 2006, MJ Ray spake thusly:
> > I disagree. The candidate only seems to get that choice
> > after there are enough people gathered against them. When a
> > totally crap request collapses without getting Q supporters,
> > the request and supporters details stay in the star chamber.
> > That allows people to make bigoted expulsion requests with
> > relatively little personal reputation risk. They can keep
> > going with the witchhunt until the candidate walks away.
>         I think the idea is that the person facing expulsion procedures
>  may not want future employers to be able to google  about the
>  episode. Given that the process does fail, it would simplify matters
>  for the individual if they did not have to try to explain this to
>  people in the future.

If a bad expulsion request fails, then any decent interview
candidate will be able to explain it easily. If there was
any justification to the request, often evidence is findable
by searching the web anyway and debian stuff tends to show
up high in web searches. Finally, if the expulsion succeeds,
surely it will become public somehow.

I believe people who make bigoted or knee-jerk expulsion requests
don't want to be identified, but we should share the reputation
risk a bit more evenly and not let DDs go whispering to a
witchfinder-general in total safety.

I'd prefer simple social scrutiny to the "if a person tries to
get another person kicked out of the Debian project, and they
fail, they themselves will be kicked out" approach advocated
during the 2006 DPL campaign.

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