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Re: About expulsion requests

On 16 Mar 2006, Christoph Berg stated:

> Re: Lars Wirzenius 2006-03-16
> <[🔎] 1142521281.6672.242.camel@esme.liw.iki.fi>
>> I disagree. Posting things to -private does not really keep them
>> secret or confidential, but it does generate a lot of
>> rumors. Rumors are usually worse than the real thing. Therefore, in
>> my honest opinion, it's better to keep things in the open, even for
>> the subject of an expulsion request.
> I for myself would very much prefer the rumors, and maybe even
> publically spreading (leaking?) the word on irc than to deliver the
> expulsion request directly to every lurking slashdot/heise/whatever
> writer on earth. There is a difference.

        We shall not hide problems?

        Having said that, the expulsion document states that the
 person who is being subjected to the process is the one who gets to
 decide whether the process is public or private, so sending the
 original mail to a public list was an error.

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