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About expulsion requests

Dear developers,

I know that having codified expulsion procedures is tempting to use
them, and I do think that they are a good thing to have. But please
consider one thing when you think about invoking them: [1]

Please use debian-private. [3]

The reason is simply that expulsion is not a technical issue like
"requesting the expulsion of the sh port from the archive" or
whatever, but it concerns people. People have a life, and however bad
they have been, they deserve the privacy that every civilized society
guarantees its members - you wouldn't like your neighbor to post "he
has been forgetting to clean the stairway" in a public newspaper even
if it were true.

It is not simply that Google & friends will ever after find bits about
the procedure and all the facts, dirt, and other things thrown there,
but about the dignity we should always uphold. When the subject
decides to make the process public, that's their decision, not yours.


[1] Rather the "2. Get support" step from [2].

[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2005/08/msg00005.html

[3] Supporters have to be DDs anyway.

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