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Re: Private copies of list replies

David Weinehall wrote on 17/03/2006 08:53:
> On Thu, Mar 16, 2006 at 09:33:18PM +0100, Sven Mueller wrote:
>>David Weinehall wrote on 13/03/2006 18:32:
>>>you can also do a little prefs hackery:
> http://kb.mozillazine.org/Custom_headers
> Rather indicates that you can add headers to the list of *available*
> headers using that hack, and then change the settings / mail.

Indeed. Weird, I know I had checked it before I wrote my mail and it
didn't seem to work as you proposed at that time. However, checking
again now shows it does work (this is true for both the prefs hack and
the mnenhy approach).

Sorry to have created confusion and thanks for rectifying my mistakes.

>>I'm still waiting for anyone to recommend a MUA which works on at least
>>Linux and Windows (yes, that evil OS), preferably also on MacOSX and
>>supports MFT.
> Do you have any particular need to use the same MUA for all platforms?

Yes, due to several reasons, both in private and professional
environments, I frequently have to change platforms. It makes life a lot
easier to use the same mail client on all of them (especially together
with IMAP).

>>Apart from the fact that MFT still isn't a standard and might just as
>>well never be, for several reason already quoted/referenced by others in
>>this thread.
> I still haven't seen any quoted/referenced reason that makes sense.

MFT doesn't really solve the problems it tries to solve.
1) It tries to allow automatic follow-ups to go to the right choice
   of addresses, but it doesn't add anything the List-Post didn't
   already add.
2) It only works for the first level of replies, since no MUA I know of
   preserves its contents across replies.
MFT's name implies some similarity with the Followup-To header in
newsgroups. If it would work like that one, it might get better support

> Then again, it might not ever become a standard, but it's the best
> solution for the problem existing.  Until someone comes up with
> something better, I'll go with M-F-T (not that I use it myself, since
> I'm subscribed to the lists already, and I get too much email anyway
> to want any copies - the all too common crossposting is bad enough
> as it is...)

I agree wholeheartedly. And actually, I receive that many CCs from
long-time-DDs for posts on Debian lists that I really wonder how many
DDs don't even know the policies in place for Debian lists. Thanks to
your hints regarding thunderbird, I might be able to avoid some of them
by setting MFT to the right mailinglist now.


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