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Re: Private copies of list replies

On Sat, Mar 11, 2006 at 12:11:01PM -0500, Benjamin Seidenberg wrote:
> Glenn Maynard wrote:
> >
> >I'm also failing to see any reasons people would *not* set M-F-T if they
> >want CCs (or if they specifically don't; Debian lists aside, most other
> >lists have no such policy).  I'm not charged for email on a per-header
> >basis; there's no drawback to setting it.
> > 
> >
> Thunderbird, as well as many other MUAs doesn't allow you to set 
> arbitrary headers, including M-F-T.

There are plugins for Thunderbird that solves that (mnehy, for
instance); you can also do a little prefs hackery:


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