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Re: Private copies of list replies

On 13 Mar 2006, Margarita Manterola stated:

> On 3/13/06, Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> wrote:
>> On 11 Mar 2006, Benjamin Seidenberg stated:
>>> Thunderbird, as well as many other MUAs doesn't allow you to set
>>> arbitrary headers, including M-F-T.
>> I guess it is time to move to a more capable MUA, no?
> Thunderbird is a very respected MUA.

        Not universally. Specifically, not by me. If it can't add
 headers to a mail, it is definitely lacking in features.

> There's a big group of people who don't feel comfortable writing
> mails from mutt (or the like), and I don't think it's such a good
> idea to take into account only people who can use a console-client
> to be able to receive a reply on a mailing-list.

        These people who do not feel like using a MUA which can add
 and MFT shall sometimes miss out a CC from me. Getting a CC, as I
 have said elsewhere, is not a right.

> We are not talking about developers, we are talking about anyone who
> needs to send a mail to a mailing-list and get a reply.

        So add an MFT header, and your chances improve. If you don't
 feel like doing so, well, it is, after all, your decision.

> Also, it's not like we are discussing about mailers for a propietary
> OS, but it's a free mailer that works inside Debian.

        So what? Just because a piece of software is free does not
 mean it is defect free, or even eminently laudable. If it can't add
 an MFT, well, hey, in some cases that means the difference between a
 CC and none.

> I think that we need to take a bit more consideration for people who
> are not so technically-able but that might still have something to
> say, or rather, something to get answers to.

        If I notice the request, and don't feel disinclined, I may add
 a CC. My "consideration" for their handicaps stops when  such
 consideration turns out to be to much of a bother at the moment. What
 about consideration for my time and effort?

> Also, the list policy says that you don't send CCs by default, but
> that you'll send a CC if asked to, so I'd say it's pretty much our
> job to make sure that the mail goes where it should.

        Wrong. The statement is "When replying to messages on the
 mailing list, do not send a carbon copy (CC) to the original poster
 unless they explicitly request to be copied." That does not mean you
 must send a copy when asked. If A intersection ! B is the null set,
 it does not imply A == B.

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