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Re: For those who care about stable updates

On 3/9/06, Thaddeus H. Black <thb@debian.org> wrote:

> but I want Joey not James.  Like you, James has
> invested thousands of hours in Debian, but Joey's own
> thousands count no less.

Thaddeus, I think that you've made a terrible mistake with the mail
you've sent.  You've reacted with anger, mixing your own experiences
with those that you had just read in a piece of mail.

James Troup may be guilty of many things, but I believe he was not the
reason why Joey decided to resign as SRM.

Maybe if you let a couple of hours go, you'll realize that your
reaction was rushed and that you should have put a bit more of
rational thought in the mail you were writing.

For the next time, it would be better if before asking the DPL to
relieve a fellow developer from his duties and making such a big plea
as you've made, you'd consider hearing all the different sides of the
story, taking into account the many additional factors, and then -and
only then- write such a petition.


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