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Re: Private copies of list replies (Was: Re: buildd and experimental)

Bernhard R. Link wrote on 07/03/2006 18:39:
> * Sven Mueller <debian@incase.de> [060307 14:46]:
>>I don't say that the idea behind MFT is a bad idea (actually, many
>>aspects of it _do_ make sense), but until it is accepted as a standard,
>>it is (IMHO) stupid to ask people to tweak their MUAs to set and handle it.
> It does not matter if it is a accepted official standard. It is a
> accepted standard for many mailing lists.

Name some, if you please. Refer to where it is documented to be an
accepted standard for the list(s) you name.

> If you want special behaviour
> of people it is only polite and beneficial for yourself if you set
> something making it a lot easier for them to respond in a way you want
> them.

Well, in general, I agree. However, I only ever see users of Mutt
request usage of MFT. And that is just one single mail client. And I
don't know of any other mail client which directly supports that header.

> Intentionally refusing to CC people not setting that header but
> requesting it manually it also impolite. But it easily happens
> unintentionally, so better set that little header.

Set it how? As noted before, most mail clients (including kmail and the
highly popular Thunderbird, which I also happen to use on all my
computers) don't support it. You are effectively asking people to patch
their mail client and/or switch to mutt (which is the only mail client I
know which supports MFT).


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