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Re: Private copies of list replies (Was: Re: buildd and experimental)

Glenn Maynard <glenn@zewt.org>
> On Thu, Mar 02, 2006 at 10:12:58AM +0000, MJ Ray wrote:
> > I'm sure it's possible, but I think encouraging that broken
> > non-standard header is a bad idea. It is not that hard for
> > people to control their mail clients correctly IMO. 
> You say "broken header" without explaining why, as if this is common
> knowledge, but I've never heard of any problems with it; you're the
> only person I've ever heard call it "broken".

Please see my other message and look up the DRUMS reference:
For another person complaining about the brokenness of MFT, see
or you could just search around for critiques of MFT.

Haven't you ever considered a "MFT: dev-null" or worse?

> It's currently the only common way for a sender to express his preference:

Nonsense. Ask explicitly in the body. Don't hide it in the header.

> > Also, the above behaviour would encourage many people to jump
> > through hoops to follow the list code of conduct as soon as
> > only one person fails and puts someone in the CC unwanted.
> When I reply to a mail to a list with a CC to a third party, I maintain
> that CC (unless I specifically know that the person is on the list).
> Those CC's are usually to people not on the list, and *should* be
> preserved.  This wouldn't change if MFT was added automatically.

Then all it would take is one person to goof and put someone
in the CC who shouldn't be there and you would repeat that goof,
according to your description above.

> [...] It just seems like things could be improved a bit.  When you have
> an unusual policy, and lots of people break it because it's unusual, then
> the problem may not lie *entirely* in the user ...

I agree. The shocking state of List-Post support in mail clients
needs fixing. I contributed List-Post patches to one mail client:
if each DD irritated by bad list handling did that, we'd soon fix
the world.

Best wishes,
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