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Re: Linux Forums

Lars Wirzenius writes:
> As an aside, I think Debian shouldn't endorse Nabble.com in any way as
> long as they have in their terms of use contract a clause that allows
> them to change the contract at any time without notification.

That doesn't mean much.  You are only bound by the terms in effect at the
time of a transaction: they cannot change the contract retroactively.
Furthermore, even without that clause they could change the terms without

In other words, you are entering into a new contract (if indeed the thing
is enforceable at all) every time you post there.  The terms may or may not
be the same as last time, so you should read (and save!) the contract every
time.  That's one of the reasons I prefer to avoid such things.

> I couldn't find the source code to their server, either.

Another reason to avoid it.
John Hasler

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