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Re: Linux Forums

* Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> [2006-01-24 06:47:02]:

> On Tuesday 24 January 2006 00:33, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> But nobody else would use them , so how would this help them?  How is this 
> different from the debian-newbie list idea that comes up from time to time, 
> other than being an even less desirable interface for use?

To me you come across a bit arrogant and with a "dont-care"
attitude towards unexperienced users. Go read the social contract
again and pay special attention to the bit about our priorities.

Note that we dont dictate our users how they should advance to
be more knowledgeable. If they prefere webforums give them
webforums. If you dont care to participate, dont. They still can
help each other and share their knowledge and advance that way.

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