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Re: Linux Forums

ke, 2006-01-25 kello 18:04 -0800, Will L (sent by Nabble.com) kirjoitti:
> For exmaple, suppose a user just wants to ask a question, is it
> reasonable to require him to subscribe, receive unrelated emails, then
> unsubscribe?

For what it's worth, it is not necessary to subscribe to a (Debian) list
to ask a question. You can send the question to the list and say (at the
top of the message, for example) that you are not subscribed and would
like to be Cc'd on any replies.

As an aside, I think Debian shouldn't endorse Nabble.com in any way as
long as they have in their terms of use contract a clause that allows
them to change the contract at any time without notification. I couldn't
find the source code to their server, either.

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