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Re: Complaint about #debian operator

On Saturday 10 December 2005 12:07 pm, Josh Rehman wrote:

> As for being warned, I was told that because my discussion was about
> ubuntu I should stop. Because I felt my discussion was not about
> ubuntu, I did not feel that I should have to stop.

So you deliberately show newbie arrogance, get called on it, then complain?  
Dude, you got what you deserved, now you're just embarrassing yourself with 
how much you and most 13 year olds on AOL have in common.

> > Also note that the channel's topic reads, besides others: "Please note:
> > this is not #ubuntu."
> Absolutely. What is wrong with understanding Debian better by figuring
> out where it differs from one of its derivations?

Because that discussion is rehash of ubuntu's About page.  If we want to read 
ubuntu's About page, we can go to their website.  We don't need you to read 
it to us over IRC.

> > I don't particularly agree with the second ban, though.
> Glad to hear; it is roughly equivalent to a customer service person
> hanging up on you when you ask to talk to their manager.

No, it's not.  It's not at all comparable.  In the customer service scenario, 
you are paying them to give you the answers.  In the open source IRC 
scenario, you're begging people to deal with your questions in their own free 
time for free.  Why should they tolerate someone who obviously can't play by 
the rules at all?

> I'm still not really clear on why asking questions about Debian is
> off-topic on #debian. Sure, they are questions related to Ubuntu, but
> they are primarily about Debian.

If they're related to Ubuntu, they're primarily about Ubuntu, don't ask them 
in Debian.  Debian didn't come from Ubuntu, after all, most people on Debian 
don't know or care about Ubuntu problems.

> I frankly don't see the point of 
> Ubuntu - AFAICT it's primary difference is billionaire flash. Being
> pointed to #ubuntu by Don and then banned by him reminds me of the
> sort of runaround one experiences with hardware vendors: "it's not our
> problem, call Microsoft". Microsoft says, "its not our problem, call
> the hardware vendor." Hardware vendor, "well, maybe you should contact
> the reseller." Etc.

Again, you falsely assume #debian is paid to care about your problem.

> > Further, you were given directions on how to continue your discussion
> > with `det' in private, but decided to continue argueing against
> > `dondelecaro' instead.
> Frankly, I didn't understand those instructions. Furthermore, I still
> disagreed that my questions about Debian were off-topic in #debian.

It's generally a bad idea to use network services you don't understand.

> IRC is just not for me, I think. I'm glad I gave it another shot,
> though. I would *highly* recommend altering the support page and/or
> setting down clear guidlines for channel operators. It might be good
> to find an operator who is humble, helpful, patient and intelligent.

Oh, that's why you're not finding what you're looking for, you're looking in 
entirely the wrong place.  You *really* should have checked this page first 
if you wanted someone willing to change diapers with silly questions.


Paul Johnson
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