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Re: Complaint about #debian operator

On Saturday 10 December 2005 02:49 am, Josh Rehman wrote:

> and the mention of 'On-line Real Time Help Using IRC'. Unfortunately
> this did not work out as planned. I was almost immediately banned for
> even mentioning Ubuntu. This when I had found someone with real-life
> deb and ubu experience ('det').

Ubuntu is off-topic on #debian.  Too many people try to get ubuntu help in 
#debian, and ubuntu users regularly bitch about how Debian isn't ubuntu.  
They're not the same, to go #ubuntu if you want to talk about ubuntu.

> After the ban was lifted, the 
> operator "dondelecaro' refused to answer my question about complaining
> about this annoying ban, and in fact banned me again when I mentioned
> this fact. Another user suggested that I send a message to this list.

Questioning decisions or pestering ops is a good way to do that.  Sounds like 
you didn't read the #debian faq when you joined like you were told.

> Let me say first that I don't expect much to come from this complaint.
> I understand fully well that Debian is organized and run by
> volunteers. Furthermore, my case is not clear cut since I wasn't shut
> down for asking about "KDE" when the moderator really only wanted to
> talk about "Gnome", for example.

Sounds like you didn't read the FAQ.  If you don't get any response, try again 
in a few hours.  #debian is very international.

> My query bordered on an advocacy like 
> discussion. However, I think I was careful to keep it nuetral - I
> really just wanted to know what value-add ubuntu has over Debian that
> has given it such a buzz.

Thus trying to start a flamewar.

> In addition, the operator gave me no 
> external link to read or alternative channel (with the exception of
> telling me to take it to #ubuntu which I frankly don't see why an op
> there wouldn't tell me to go to #debian...)

You were informed of this when you joined the channel.  Please read /topic and 
server messages.

Paul Johnson
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