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Re: Automated testing - design and interfaces

Ian Jackson wrote:
> The scheme I'm proposing is useful to Debian even if the buildds don't
> get enhanced to run the tests automatically, because package
> maintainer tools can easily be enhanced to do that.  Of course Ubuntu
> will do that testing automatically but Ubuntu apparently has (will
> have) different infrastructure tools.

Also, if the tests are available for use by end-users, we can ask
pre-release testers to run all the tests on packages they install as part
of their installation testing.  A report saying "I tried installing this
set of packages, and not only did I succeed, but also the software all
works on my system" is a lot better than "I managed to install the packages."

What you are proposing seems like a better way of doing package tests than
the debian-test package I cobbled together ages ago (which has since
quietly gathered dust due to lack of effort from me, and lack of interest
from other maintainers) -- if we can get this to the point where the
default is for maintainers to write new tests as part of their bug fixing
procedure, then we'll end up with a comprehensive set of regression tests
without needing people to expend much more effort than was needed to fix
the bug anyway.

Well done Ian :-)

Cheers, Phil.

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