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Re: Automated testing - design and interfaces

Bill Allombert writes ("Re: Automated testing - design and interfaces"):
> My fault, I wrote literally half of the sentence. What I meant is that
> nothing prevent you to run arbitrary test in your 'debian/rules build'
> target even if you have to add more Build-Depends. The test is run each
> time the package is build.  This practice is encouraged but the buildd
> admins, is performed automatically for all platforms even unofficial one,
> and actually prevent buggy packages to be uploaded.

Right.  But it won't find bugs where the problem is in the packaging
rather than in the code.

> OTOH, having a dedicated test network that duplicate the buildd network
> is going to be very hard to set up.

The scheme I'm proposing is useful to Debian even if the buildds don't
get enhanced to run the tests automatically, because package
maintainer tools can easily be enhanced to do that.  Of course Ubuntu
will do that testing automatically but Ubuntu apparently has (will
have) different infrastructure tools.


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