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Re: Automated testing - design and interfaces

[Ian Jackson]
> Running the upstream test suite in debian/rules usually isn't the
> answer to packaging mistakes, library mismanglements, and the like.

I have an idea.  What if we had a script that ran dpkg-buildpackage and
then immediately ran lintian and linda if available, to look for common
packaging mistakes.

Wait, that would be debuild and pdebuild.

Do you really think packaging mistakes not caught by lintian would be
caught by the test suite put together by the same goober who made those
packaging mistakes?

And I'm having trouble coming up with the kinds of issues which are (a)
not packaging mistakes per se, and (b) necessary to perform on a built
package (as opposed to a build tree or install tree).  I mean,
otherwise your test would work fine as part of the upstream testsuite,
which you should already be invoking from debian/rules.

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