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Re: music in debian

On Tue, Oct 04, 2005 at 05:46:14PM +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> > Don't know what kind of music is he offering for Debian, but if someone
> > wants to test his audio setting we've got already plenty of sound files,
> > and even soundtracks which can be used for that matter.
> Thanks for the information. What packages contain them?
> I did look and I didn't see anything obvious, but I don't
> seem to have apt-file on the system I used.

In general these are packages with music for games:

(fenio@domek)~$apt-file search \.mp3 | grep music
advi-examples: usr/share/doc/advi-examples/examples/test/music.mp3
arkhart: usr/share/arkhart/data/musics/ambient1.mp3
asc-music: usr/share/games/asc/music/frontiers.mp3
asc-music: usr/share/games/asc/music/machine_wars.mp3
asc-music: usr/share/games/asc/music/time_to_strike.mp3
boson-music: usr/share/apps/boson/music/Jungle/Jungle1.mp3
boson-music: usr/share/apps/boson/music/Jungle/Jungle2.mp3
boson-music: usr/share/apps/boson/music/Jungle/Jungle3.mp3
boson-music: usr/share/apps/boson/music/Progressive/Track1.mp3
boson-music: usr/share/apps/boson/music/Progressive/Track2.mp3
boson-music: usr/share/apps/boson/music/Progressive/Track3.mp3
boson-music: usr/share/apps/boson/music/Progressive/Track4.mp3
boson-music: usr/share/apps/boson/music/Progressive/Track5.mp3
boson-music: usr/share/apps/boson/music/Progressive/Track6.mp3
netjuke: usr/share/netjuke/var/music/Toodadoo.mp3

asc and boson are strategy games (asc - turn-based, boson - rts).

Of course if someone looks for 'audio test file' he/she won't find them.
Now I've checked for .ogg files. The ammount of them is even higher, but
still these are -music packages for games usually.


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