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Re: Debian Women Software Freedom Day activities

On Thu, Sep 08, 2005 at 09:28:27PM +1000, Helen Faulkner wrote:
> Simon Richter wrote:

> > Helen Faulkner wrote:

> >> 1) [...] #debian-women-new on oftc [...]

> >> 3) [...] #debian-bugs channel on freenode [...]

> > Is it really a good idea to have these on separate networks? I think
> > that some one the "new" people might be interested in lurking at a BSP,
> > and this would make it somehow difficult for them as even I as a regular
> > IRC user have problems when connecting to multiple networks at once, so
> > I'd expect more problems to arise for people who haven't been IRCing the
> > last 10 years.

> Yes, I know it's a problem.  The main #debian-women channel is on oftc, which
> makes oftc the best choice for #debian-women-new, and I believe that
> #debian-bugs on freenode is the usual bugsquashing channel.  Hence the problem.
>  I hope that anyone really interested in bugsquashing will be able to deal with
> the different networks, or switch to an IRC client that makes it easier, or ask
> somewhere to find out.

Well, a formal announcement of the BSP is pending; and the rule on BSPs
is that the organizer gets to pick where it happens, so it's not too
late to move that to OFTC if it's agreed that's a better option.

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