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Re: Debian Women Software Freedom Day activities

Simon Richter wrote:
> Hi,
> Helen Faulkner wrote:
>> 1) [...] #debian-women-new on oftc [...]
>> 3) [...] #debian-bugs channel on freenode [...]
> Is it really a good idea to have these on separate networks? I think
> that some one the "new" people might be interested in lurking at a BSP,
> and this would make it somehow difficult for them as even I as a regular
> IRC user have problems when connecting to multiple networks at once, so
> I'd expect more problems to arise for people who haven't been IRCing the
> last 10 years.

Yes, I know it's a problem.  The main #debian-women channel is on oftc, which
makes oftc the best choice for #debian-women-new, and I believe that
#debian-bugs on freenode is the usual bugsquashing channel.  Hence the problem.
 I hope that anyone really interested in bugsquashing will be able to deal with
the different networks, or switch to an IRC client that makes it easier, or ask
somewhere to find out.

>    Simon (who just forwarded that email)

Thanks for forwarding it! (presumably to someone who is potentially interested)


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