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Re: Debian UK

Stephen Frost <sfrost@snowman.net> writes:

> Honestly, you're the first one to bring up that there's some limitation
> on volume regarding being commercial or non-commercial.  This still
> doesn't deal with the issue that we claim to not sell products on our
> webpage.  Do you happen to know what the volume is before you become a
> commercial entity?  

£60000 turnover => you *must* be VAT registered.

You might get sued => you *want* a form of association providing
protection for officers and members e.g. Limited Company

Don't make a profit => nothing at all.

Don't want to make a profit => nothing at all

You pay money to people in recompense for their efforts or to cover
their expenses => someone in the org should understand UK PAYE, Tax and
Expenses law.

This stuff isn't hard. It's just *stupid* to go around saying "oh, we
claim we're not commercial because we're not trying to make a profit,
just raise some money". It would be like, oh, trying to do contract work
without a legal entity to bill through and then wondering why the taxman
wanted a lot of money from you.

cheers, Rich.

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