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Re: Debian UK

Stephen Frost wrote:
> http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/info
> "Debian does not sell any products."

Usually, it's DDs or Debian affiliated people who have decided to produce
and hand out stuff, partially even sell it at more or less cost price.
The revenue is then donated to the organisation that supports Debian.

Even if the Debian UK Society will sell t-shirts, mugs, DVDs etc.
it's technically not The Debian Project but the society of active
Debian people who want to promote Debian and Free Software.

Even if the Debian UK Society will represent the Debian Project formally,
legally and fiscally in the UK, it's not the Debian Project.  They should
be free to do what they want to support and promote Debian and Free
Software as long as they maintain their non-profit/charity status and
obey the goals/charta.



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