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Resignation? (Re: What the DFSG really says about trademarks)

MJ Ray wrote:

> Also, I want no part of this society, nor for it to suggest
> support from me, and to avoid the inaccurate information it's
> using about me. Those are personal rights DUS should respect
> as the bare minimum to stop this and I need no GR for them.

I _know_ that you've read the constitution[1] in detail, given the
enthusiasm[2] with which you've tried to help us improve on it[3].

That being the case, you know that clause 4 of the constitution reads:

  4. Any member may opt out of the society at will.

So I take it that your public statement "I want no part of this society"
should be interpreted as you opting out of the membership.

Thank you for your positive contributions, and good luck with your future.

Cheers, Phil.

[1] http://wiki.earth.li/DebianUKSocietyConstitution
[2] The thread starts here
[3] http://www.affs.org.uk/documents/affs-const.txt

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