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Re: "Why" Debian Common Core Alliance? Why not Debian?

On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 01:20:32PM +0200, Michael Meskes wrote:
> > I haven't seen any such proposals (beyond "add LSB compliance" and
> > "new X"); I wouldn't really expect to either -- far easier and better
> > to just make the improvements, license them freely, and put them out
> > for use and comment simultaneously. Which is to say, create a fork.
> Are you saying that it is better and easier to create a fork than work on 
> improving Debian? I don't get that sorry, 

Creating a fork is a *means* of improving Debian.

Two choices:

  * write up a document about how something could be done differently to
    how Debian does it, send it out for comment
  * demonstrate how to do something differently than Debian does it,
    make it usable, make it public, and ask for comments

I think it's obvious the second way is better: it's more concrete
-- there's an actual implementation out there, which means that you
can't just gloss over details, or give people the wrong idea about what
you're talking about due to imprecise language; it's a shorter path from
discussion to implementation -- it just needs to be included in Debian
if that's what's decided, rather than implemented first, and rediscussed
some more; and it helps users out while it's being discussed.

This isn't subtle or arcane.


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