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Re: "Why" Debian Common Core Alliance? Why not Debian?

On 8/22/05, Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> wrote:
[snip mostly sensible stuff]
> I certainly hope not, at least until you've learnt where the boundary is
> between speaking on behalf of yourself and speaking on behalf of Debian.
> The above crosses it, eg -- what makes you think Debian wants to accept as
> an official subproject a group who issues press releases claiming to be
> "Debian Core" when, you know, you're not? Or, even if we want to accept
> such a group, what makes you think we could trust it?

This seems a little harsh.  As near as I can tell (I have no
involvement) the DCC folks are the Debian-package-system-using subset
of the LCC that Bruce Perens floated here a few months ago, and it's
understandable that they would s/Linux/Debian/ without too much
thought.  While I don't think much of the LCC as proposed (I think
promising "golden binaries" to ISVs as a solution to test matrix
complexity is a boondoggle), the DCC players are decent folks with a
strong history of commitment to Debian-the-project.  There's no need
to hammer on the trust issues in public; better perhaps to focus
scrutiny on the substance of their proposals to "improve" upon the
Debian base.

- Michael

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