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Re: Delegation for trademark negotiatons with the DCCA

* Michael Meskes (meskes@debian.org) [050824 12:54]:
> > ...
> > anyone. As long as it is clear that they are an external (commercial or
> > non-commercial) entity, I would expect no problem to implictely or
> > explicitely granting many more groups derived rights to the trademark
> > "Debian". Only the wording "core" used in combination with the trademark
> > "Debian", implies to me a very specific relationship to the project.
> But the word "core" is not meant as in "core of Debian" but as in "core of 
> several distributions based on Debian".

I know that you didn't mean it as "core of Debian". But it's easy to
understand it that way for people not too involved in DCC.


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