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New Maintainers

This is a summary of the AM report for Week Ending 21 Aug 2005.
4 applicants became maintainers.

Khalid Aziz <khalid>

  I have been using Linux for almost 6 years and been a Linux kernel
  developer for 4 years. I have a Bachelor of Engineering degree in
  Computer Science and Technology from Indian Institute of Technology,
  Roorkee, India, and I have a Master's degree in Computer Science from
  Colorado State University. I have been working as a Software Engineer
  since 1991. My work in the last 13 years has been primarily in the
  area of kernel design and implementation. I started using open source
  software back in 1988 starting with gcc. I strongly believe in the
  principles of open source software. I became familar with Linux around
  1998 and started using it at home. When HP started a Linux lab, I
  moved to this lab and was one of the early members of this lab. Today
  Linux is not just a hobby but my profession as well. I have
  contributed code to SCSI subsystem in Linux kernel. I am also the
  original author and maintainer of HCDP serial console driver in Linux
  kernel. I am also the author and upstream maintainer for "prctl"
  tool. I have participated actively in establishing standards for Linux
  features in a Telco environment. I am a founding member of OSDL
  Carrier Grade Linux Working Group
  <http://www.osdl.org/lab_activities/carrier_grade_linux> and was the
  first chairperson for Proof-of-Concept technical sub-committee. I
  intend to continue working on Linux even if my job description were to

  Where I feel I can make contribution to Debian is in ongoing
  maintenance of "prctl" package, providing kernel patches and
  associated userspace packages for additional functionality (for
  example evlog), helping test, troubleshoot and debug various other
  debian packages. An important part of my job is to put together Debian
  based solutions. Doing this exposes me to multiple debian packages
  which I then test as part of a solution.  I am a strong believer in
  Open source principles and the Debian social contract is exactly in
  line with my own beliefs. I intend to keep as much of my work as
  possible in line with open source philosophy, and hence debian social
  contract as well. Since I use Debian on my desktop, laptop and server,
  I am very interested in keeping Debian not only free but highly
  functional as well.

Robert Collins <robertc>

 I first encountered Free Software as a high school student playing
 around with BBS systems, and some graphics software (using DJGPP) on a
 (literal) i386. At university I downloaded a 0.96.something 26 disk
 install set, and tried out Linux for the first time. I kept an eye on
 Linux & Free Software from that point on, using it for things like an
 internet gateway, and from time-to-time as a desktop. (It really didn't
 make a good desktop then). In the late 90's, I updated a port of Squid
 on Cygwin, and started interacting with the community in a much more
 significant way - eventually joining the core teams for Cygwin and
 Squid. Since then I've generated bugfixes & (hopefully :}) useful bug
 reports to many other projects (including automake and libtool, which
 seems to scare some folk). My interested have altered slightly since...
 I now spend most of my 'spare' time in the GNU Arch & Squid communities.
 I have become allergic to software whos innards I cannot see, and whos
 annoying behaviours I cannot fix. In a dovetailed process, I have come
 to run Debian GNU/Linux on all my machines (with one little exception, a
 wintendo for games, and maintaining the cygwin setup program). I
 currently spend considerable time in the debian community, on the
 debian-devel mailing list, IRC, and with the local Sydney SLUG's debian
 SIG. In addition to the package(soon to be packages) I maintain in
 debian, I try to help out by winnowing bugs on the software that I know
 well, by virtue of being an upstream for it :}. I intend to carry on
 doing this, and to expand these responsibilities as and where I can
 commit the time. Oh, I'm also active in other local free software groups
 like SLUG, openskills & the ACS FOSS SIG.

Clément Stenac <zorglub>

  I'm currently a 21 year old french engineering student in french Ecole
  Centrale Paris.

  I caught the computer virus when I was only 7 on an Atari ST and
  discovered programming. It was great, because it was very easy to start,
  you didn't have complex things to learn.
  Then I got a Windows PC and almost stopped programming, because it
  seemed too complex to me...

  I first learnt about Linux in 1998. I was extremely interested by this
  idea of "free software". Being able to see the sources and even modify
  them seemed really great. I gave it a try (RedHat 5 or 6, don't remember
  exactly), but I was a little lazy, and got quite discouraged when
  difficulties arose. During several years, I kept using a little Linux
  (Mandrake), but still mainly Windows.

  When I arrived at Ecole Centrale in 2002, I decided to take the time to
  properly learn Linux, and installed my first Debian system. Since then,
  I have only been using Windows very marginally. I also became developer
  in the VideoLAN project (http://www.videolan.org).

  I first interested myself in Debian Development in June 2003, I started
  making packages. My first real work for Debian, though, was french l10n.

  For Debian, I would like to make packages, to work on l10n (and why not,
  on i18n). I would also like to make some QA work, because I find a pity
  to see some poorly maintained and updated packages.

Alan Woodland <awoodland>

  I am currently a third year computer science student at the University
  of Wales, Aberystywth. For quite sometime now I have had a keen interest
  in the free software world, and would like to develop this interest
  further. I have been reading the lists of requested and orphaned
  packages recently, looking to increase the number of packages that I
  maintain, provided that I am interested in the application and
  sufficiently confident I can maintain it to a high standard.

Martin Michlmayr

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