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Re: New Maintainers

* Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org> [2005-08-15 02:00]:
> > This is a summary of the AM report for Week Ending 14 Aug 2005.
> > 5 applicants became maintainers.
> I know for a fact that some accounts were created in the last
> weeks that were neither mentioned in the weekly mail on -newmaint
> nor in a "New Maintainers" mail here. This is probably due to the
> db.debian.org move in between.
> Has anyone a list of these accounts?

Only one, Helen Faulkner <helen>, accounted created on 2005-07-15
afaict but for some reason she doesn't show up in

Helen Faulkner <helen>

  I am a physicist, currently working in Sheffield, UK, though I'll be
  moving back to Australia in a few months.  Australia is home for me :) I
  have a general interest in computers and programming which originated in
  my research (I do a lot of simulation and theory calculations).  I have
  been using Linux for a few years now, since my housemate bugged me into
  letting him install Debian on my computer ;) I guess I initially used it
  because I was curious to learn about Linux and I found increasingly that
  the software available was useful for my work.  I now use Debian for
  almost 100% of my work and most of my other activities with computers.

  I agree with the ideals of the open source software movement, would like
  to see more of its idea happening in academic science, and generally
  think it's a great thing for humanity to discover at this point in
  history.  Debian appeals to me because it embodies the ideals of that
  movement very well, and because I enjoy using it.

  I want to volunteer my time for Debian because I enjoy doing volunteer
  work in things that interest me (have done loads of volunteer work
  before, in varied fields, including sailing tall ships, visiting elderly
  people with my dog, being involved in mentoring schemes at uni, etc).
  This is the first volunteer work I have done in an area like this, and
  as such it appeals to me.  This whole Debian thing is entertaining too!

  I intend to focus my work in Debian in two main areas.  One is
  maintaining packages, mainly kde things, like the ones I am already
  maintaining.  The other aim I have is to help make the debian-women
  project a working, effective resource for the Debian community.  I think
  there is lots to do in that project, and that I have something to offer
  there :)

Martin Michlmayr

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