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Re: Screenshots

Jorgen Schaefer wrote:
> Anders Breindahl <skrewz@skrewz.dk> writes:
> How about the installer? :-)

How about things that are specific to debian?
Debian supports 11 hardware platforms, some screenshots of `uname -a` or
other info that proves that claim would be nice.

Debian has some quite nice tools to show: What about a representative
screenshots of apt-get, aptitude or the like? Of course these are
console-based, but there are X-based ones too, like synaptic.

Very nice would be a server room with dozens of machines with Debian
logos on them. I think, that's what many people appreciate: Debian
stabel _is_ stable and secure. And admins use it.

Engineers motto: cheap, good, fast - choose any two
Patrick Strasser <patrick dot strasser at tugraz dot at>
Student of Telematik, Techn. University Graz, Austria

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