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Re: Screenshots

ma, 2005-07-04 kello 11:31 -0500, Gunnar Wolf kirjoitti:
> Because Debian does not impose a world view upon you, your Debian
> system will look whichever way you want it to. 
> I am currently working with at least a dozen Debian developers and
> interested users at Helsinki. Each of our desktops is a completely
> different world - And I love to see them :)

That suggests to me that we should have lots of screenshots. Lots and
lots and lots. 25 of them per second, even. :)

A "marketing movie" for Debian, showing how the installation goes, and
major desktops in many different themes. Also upgrading from version to
version, and such. Should be be fun for someone to make and definitely
more fun to watch than a few dozen images. Static screenshots are so...

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