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The distribution Debian (was: Re: Screenshots)

On Tuesday 05 July 2005 02:42, Jorgen Schaefer wrote:
> Anders Breindahl <skrewz@skrewz.dk> writes:
> > Debian is a distribution, and as such delivers its package repositories
> > and its packaging system. In my humble opinion, one really can't brag
> > about the work of others.
> How about the installer? :-)

Yeah, yeah. :)

The documentation, the mailing lists and the website are probably also worth 
mentioning as ``parts of the distribution''. However, those two were what I 
associated with the word [GNU/Linux-]distribution. I haven't been using the 
installer that much ;).

However; what actually ``defines'' a distribution?
Some like Mandriva have their own setup-applications, while others like 
Familiar are developed against a single architecture (used to be, at least). 
Debian has more or less become a ``mother-distribution'', which is regularly 
being forked into other specialized distributions.

From this viewpoint, the question of including eyecandy on the webpages 
becomes more relevant: If Debian puts up loads of heavyweight eyecandy, the 
focus of the distribution moves in a way that lets Whoppix-users and ISPs 
down, but attracts the home users.
It says ``Debian -- The Universal Operating System'' in the title of 
http://www.debian.org. How would that goal fit, if any specialization was 

I have an odd feeling of having just been mumbling along. I'd better stop.
Regards, Anders Breindahl.

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