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Working for Canonical - FYI

I thought I should let you know, so that you hear it from me:  I have
accepted a job with Canonical, working on Ubuntu.

This shouldn't significantly affect my Debian packages or my
participation on the Technical Committee (although the last week or so
has been quite hectic and I have neglected to pay attention to the
root passwords thread on debian-ctte, so I have some catching up to
do).  If I find that there's a specific conflict of interest I'll let
people know, of course, and abstain in any votes etc.

I think Ubuntu is a good thing for Debian precisely because it will
take away some of Debian's users.  Debian's open structure works
better when it has somewhat less of everyone's attention focused on
it; at the moment, we're swamped with users, people wanting to
contribute, people wanting to change stuff, etc. - and this has made
some of us defensive, erecting barriers to the world so that work can
get done without being interrupted, flamed at, etc., all of the time.

This is all quite controversial, of course, and I don't really have
time to do justice to the flamewar that will no doubt follow.  So my
apologies in advance for that - but I thought you I should tell you my


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