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Re: Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn

3.06.2005 pisze R. Armiento (reply-debian-05@armiento.net):

> The issue is:
> 1. The WebCollage screensaver "...makes collages out of
> random images pulled off of the World Wide Web. It finds
> these images by doing random web searches...". The result is
> a screensaver that often shows sexually explicit images.
> 2. The xscreensaver package contains the WebCollage
> screensaver, but places it among the screensavers that per
> default are not included in "random screensaver".
> 3. KDE's random screensaver ignores xscreensavers settings
> about what screensavers should be included in "random
> screensaver" and randomize over all screensavers.
> Result: users of KDE with the 'random screensaver' setting
> eventually find their screens filled with sexually explicit
> content. And even if that should be fixed, users "flipping
> through the screensavers" risk being presented with sexual
> content in the screensaver preview window.

Thank you for bringing this irrelevant bug to our attention.

I think that this bug should be closed or tagged wontfix; it is not
Debian problem or the debian maintainer's issue but a problem in the
submitter's mind.


PS. A definite porn image for you (this image contains a close-up on
the reproductive organs): <http://www.digart.pl/zoom.php?id=177981&dwnl=1>.
Now, you can whine for a reason.

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