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Re: disbursement approvals and email privacy

[Martin Schulze]
> I don't think that the amount of reimbursed money needs to be put in
> public and that -private would have been a better place instead.

In debian-edu, we have a good experience with making the economical
status public, to allow all project members to keep an eye on the
current income and spending of funds.  It is available from
<URL:http://www.linuxiskolen.no/okonomi/> for those reading Norwegian,
I the software is available for all those who want it.  I recommend
SPI do something similar.

But we do not publish the names of those receiving reimbursement due
to privacy concerns.  We might have gotten away with it, but someone
decided it was not worth the effort.  For those details, one can ask.
In addition, there are always to people involved in approving
expenses, the leader of the member organization and the treasurer.

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