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Re: Debbugs reimplementation

Em Ter, 2005-03-15 às 06:06, Anthony Towns escreveu:
> David Schmitt wrote:
> > On Monday 14 March 2005 23:57, Daniel Ruoso wrote:
> >>P.S.: I'm not saying I am starting to rewrite it, but I'm considering...
> > I think I can remember rumours about a major debbugs updated for post-sarge. 
> > Consider contacting debugs' maintainers first.
> There's the version tracking rollout; it's a major change, don't know 
> that I'd call it a major "update" though.
> I don't think a rewrite's the easiest way of going about what David's 
> proposing...

The only reason for considering a rewrite was the fact that when I
opened the source code of debbugs to see what would be necessary to
include bugs dependencies I saw that the code is absolutely non-modular
and I actually couldn't find the way to do the proposed change, I mean,
the problem is the maintainability (does this word actually exists in
english?) of the code.

I was thinking about an object-oriented re-implementation, using some
relational database (probably mysql) to make it easier to change the
behaviour of the system later.


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