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Debbugs reimplementation (was: Re: Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting)

Em Seg, 2005-03-14 às 19:48, Joey Hess escreveu:
> Daniel Ruoso wrote:
> > Yes, I used bugzilla as a user and as a project manager and it does it
> > very good. I do think this could be a good feature to be added to
> > debbugs, and, actually, it shouldn't be so hard to do.
> Hard enough that bug #129781 has sat unfixed for 3 years now with no
> reply from anyone, I guess..

I had take a look at the debbugs source code right now, and now I
undestand why this bug is untouched for 3 years. 

Debbugs needs a rewrite from scratch, maybe using some modern
technologies like, hmmm, relational databases.

I think that can be done, as debbugs has so few features (comparing to
another BTS around). But it's even harder to know the exact API that
debbugs implements today, should a re-implementation cares just about
what is described in the documentation at bugs.debian.org?

P.S.: I'm not saying I am starting to rewrite it, but I'm considering...


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