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Re: Keeping discussions secret (Was: GFDL again...)

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On 20-12-2004 13:58, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> [2004.12.20.1334 +0100]:
>>What I suggest instead is making it mandatory to include with each
>>private post wether or not your own part of the email (what is not
>>quoted from others, I mean) is private or not, and if it is, why.
> Good idea. Maybe we could make this a properly formatted pseudo
> header and bounce messages to debian-private that do not have it?
> E.g.
> Private: yes
> Reason: because Jonas said so.

Very good idea!

Could someone please help getting this moving? I seem to not get along
well "speaking to the crowd"[1], so me pushing this would probably not
be a good approach.

In other words: Take this on, someone, and I'll support it 100%

 - Jonas

[1] Such is my experience from school group projects and from
discussions at -private and at Skolelinux: my main intend is frequently
misunderstood and my approach seen as "snerring" (if that is the english
word for "grrrr").

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