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Re: Keeping discussions secret (Was: GFDL again...)

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On 20-12-2004 11:58, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> [2004.12.20.1135 +0100]:
>>Then a suggestion for the future: Post your reply on -project, and only
>>mention on -private where your posting is.
> No. A response needs to establish context, and if only by mentioning
> the name of the person to whose post your are responding.

Respect privacy of prior poster by not mentioning her: "An email posted
to -private inspired me to write the following:".

Or, if you have more time on your hand, then approach the prior poster
and ask for permission to quoting publicly. My sad experience, however,
is that such questions are usually silently ignored - and also this
slows your attempt on moving the thread to a public list so others get
to feed it in the "wrong" list.

>>Please respect the openminded intend of our project. Keeping
>>non-private discussions private is not in the interest of our
> With that, however, I fully agree.
> Maybe we should start making it debian-private policy that people
> should first ask whether a certain topic is better discussed there
> or on a public list?

Bad idea: It would cause opening a secret private discussion to be uneasy.

I am not (in this context) against private discussions, only non-private
ones taking place privately - and how to best ease freeing those.

What I suggest instead is making it mandatory to include with each
private post wether or not your own part of the email (what is not
quoted from others, I mean) is private or not, and if it is, why.

Such policy would impose on the list awareness of its secret nature.

Some issues are claimed to be bad for public access eternally, and
others only for a limited time, or "while some case is ingoing". Then
let us make it part of Debian policy to always declare _why_ and
_how_long_ each time we go against our main principle of working in the
open (but without making it more difficult or slowing down doing so).

> I am not in favour of having a discussion take place on two mailing
> lists. It is too easy to leak private information as the discussion
> gets more involved.

I disagree. Keeping as much as possible of our work public is more
important than a _risk_ of leaking private discussions. -private _must_
be treated with care in general anyway, so I find it plain bad to hide
non-private  info to help treating -private more relaxed.

Give the public thread a different name if you want to distinguish it
easier from the private one, but really one should always check the
origin of emails while subscribed to delicate lists such as -private.

 - Jonas

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