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Re: Keeping discussions secret (Was: GFDL again...)

also sprach Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> [2004.12.20.1135 +0100]:
> Then a suggestion for the future: Post your reply on -project, and only
> mention on -private where your posting is.

No. A response needs to establish context, and if only by mentioning
the name of the person to whose post your are responding. It may
already be considered a breach of privacy to some if it becomes
public that they have been involved in a discussion.

Moreover, a response usually gives some indication about the
original poster's opinion, which is certainly private.

> Please respect the openminded intend of our project. Keeping
> non-private discussions private is not in the interest of our
> users!

With that, however, I fully agree.

Maybe we should start making it debian-private policy that people
should first ask whether a certain topic is better discussed there
or on a public list?

I am not in favour of having a discussion take place on two mailing
lists. It is too easy to leak private information as the discussion
gets more involved.

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