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Re: Google ads on debian.org

* Kim (kim@info.dk) wrote:
> At first it was a good idear to post this question here but since 
> yesterday nothing much productive has happened.
> Without offending anyone it is a bit annoying to watch the same couple 
> of people going on and on about this issue - leading to nowhere 
> (according to my opinion).

You obviously havn't been on Debian lists very long...

> If the persons in charge of making the final decision still is having 
> doubt about it, I suggest a vote. This will clearly show how many is 
> against and how many is for. So each member on the list has one vote by 
> e-mail. Rather than making somekind of web vote this will provide the 
> most "un-cheating" way.

The decision in this specific case was already made, quite a while ago
in fact.  The current discussion is, imv, larger and more interesting
and hasn't really been settled but we at least been able to identify the
specific point over which there is disagreement.  There's something of
an option at this point and that is to either try to convince the other
side through presentation of facts that they're wrong or to perhaps
bring it to a vote so all of Debian can weigh in on it, or just drop it
till it comes up again due to something else later. :)

> To post the question at first was a good idear and it gave an 
> opportunity for people to express their opinions.

Then I guess let me just say "some of us aren't quite done yet." :)


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