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Re: Google ads on debian.org

* Martin Schulze (joey@infodrom.org) wrote:
> If you seek to generate income with your website, then it's not a
> not-for-profit one anymore but a for-profit one and is actually
> commercial.  Several of our sponsors are universities which have
> strict profit/non-profit policies.  For sure, my university had
> to terminate providing a mirror once such advertisments occur.
> I'm pretty sure about a similar policy in Dresden where the mirror
> www.de.debian.org is located.

Bringing in money, however it is done, does not mean you're for-profit
or not-for-profit.  Your concern about mirrors is valid and should be
pursued and considered, so how about we do that instead of waving hands
and saying what might happen.  Indeed, it might make some sense to have
a policy regarding what will be on master so that our mirrors understand
what they're getting in to.  This would likely involve such gems as
"master is in the US and therefore the laws of the US are what govern
what's on it and these laws may allow for content not legal in your
country."  I think this is actually implicit to some extent already, but
it wouldn't hurt to have it spelled out.  As has been mentioned
elsewhere, it's technically possible to perhaps work around some of
these issues by, say, having 'with ads' and 'without ads' directories
and allowing the mirrors to decide if they're willing to help support
SPI/Debian or not through the ads.


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