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Re: Debian, lists and discrimination

Selon Daniel Ruoso <daniel@ruoso.com>:

> Em Sex, 2004-08-06 às 11:35, MJ Ray escreveu:
> > > against non-icelandic speakers, it also discourages from people
> > > posting
> > > in english there.
> > As far as I am aware, anyone could learn more Icelandic if wanted. (I
> > only know my IRC nick's meaning in Icelandic.) Even if a man wanted to
> > become a woman, it is unlikely that they could do so to everyone's
> > satisfaction.
> It seems that you are not aware that male or female is not a sex matter,
> but a gender matter (which is very much different). We are not talking
> about sex, we are talking about equal rights to males and females.
> (do you really believe that everybody have the same opportunities?)

Evidence. I would like to see evidence that Debian has not been giving
equal rights to males and women over the past years.
I've never heard so from female Debian developers as well as from people
outside of the project.

I wouldn't be surprised that this new wave of political correctness
come from the USA (again).

Jérôme Marant

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