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Re: Debian, lists and discrimination

On 2004-08-06 13:44:51 +0100 Pascal Hakim <pasc@debian.org> wrote:

[...] Not only does it discriminates
against non-icelandic speakers, it also discourages from people posting
in english there.

As far as I am aware, anyone could learn more Icelandic if wanted. (I only know my IRC nick's meaning in Icelandic.) Even if a man wanted to become a woman, it is unlikely that they could do so to everyone's satisfaction.

At least men are still allowed to post on debian-women.

...only if it is about "discussion or collaboration involving women".

There's no equivalent list for men because no one has requested it.

So there is no barrier to any group? Would a listmaster create debian-christian-middleclass-middleage-hetero-white-males only for discussion or collaboration involving them, even if it has unpleasant consequences?

I suggest you have a look at http://lists.debian.org [...]

There is no need to be rude.

will also point out to you some unrepresented demographics that have
lists. For example, debian-accessibility, debian-lex, debian-hams or debian-jr

No, all of those seem primarily about making the debian operating system suitable for use by those groups, not socially engineering the debian project in the style of debian-women. I think legal offices and ham radio are fields of use rather than groups of people. Further, I suspect that hams are over-represented relative to world population proportion.

What does Amaya's website have to do with anything?

The email questionnaire was presented as a survey of DDs and I was told my answers would appear on the supporters page, which they have not. A copy of the email sent out can be seen in http://lists.debian.org/debian-women/2004/07/msg00247.html when Amaya apparently gives up on it.

[There is another reply only to debian-women.]

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