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Re: A proposal for Debian

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On Saturday 10 July 2004 19.47, Simone Brunozzi wrote:

> If I just say: "I'm Simone Brunozzi, I'm offering debian
> certification" people would just laugh.

Not so sure about that.

If you already have working experience with Debian, and you can show the 
work you've done (your small company certainly has customers who would 
let you use their name as a reference?), you certainly already have a 
good name with some people.

I'm guessing here, but I think the Debian project would be reluctant to 
officially endorse a certification program, especially one that is at 
the moment not known at all. OTOH I think if the Debian would 
officially communicate that it does not endorse *any* certification 
program, then the non-endorsement of your certification program should 
be understandable to prospectivce customers (at least if they 
understand a bit about how Debian works.)

-- vbi

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