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Re: A proposal for Debian

Hi again, Ian!

Thanks a lot for your help, I'm sure that debian-project guys can help me a lot (them in cc too).

I'd like to try to explain my idea better:
Take as an example Red Hat Certification, Red Hat Certified Engineer, etc.
These are certification, and Red Hat can claim the right to do them because it is the same company that produces the Red Hat Distribution. This certification tries to assure that the person certified is able to do some things. Red Hat guarantees that.

Debian has no company behind it, so my idea was to ask you (or whoever else is in charge for that) to decide together some kind of certification about, for example, "Debian system administration". I want to offer to the italian market this certification, both in english and italian, and regarding some topics (sysadmin, network, others). This can help people to find better jobs, cause they are certified in some way (given that the certification "authority" is good and honest).

To be straight, I'm a computer science professionist, I teach in a university in Perugia, Italy, and I own a small company that realizes web sites and gives help to other companies on linux platform, generally on debian. I'm 27, MALE (Simone in italian is a MALE name). I like very much the debian project, and I'd like to set up this idea both for personal income, and to help debian a little (with 10%, or hopefully more, of the certification cost). If I just say: "I'm Simone Brunozzi, I'm offering debian certification" people would just laugh. If I say "I'm Simone Brunozzi, I'm offering debian certification in cooperation with debian project developers" for example, it's another thing.
(Besides that, I was wondering if I can use or not the debian logo...)

I'm looking for someone, inside debian, that is interested in giving credit to my idea, given that my company deserves such credit (that is yet to verify), or simply speaking someone that says "this company's certification is good and honest".

Maybe this explanation is better than the first, huh?? ;-)

Just to know: in which city do you live now?
Any possibility that you come in Italy in the next months? My university would be very glad to ask you the presence for a seminar or something like that.

Thank a lot!!

Simone Brunozzi

Ian Jackson wrote:
Simone Brunozzi writes ("A proposal for Debian"):

my name is Simone Brunozzi, from Italy.
I'm trying to set up a company to offer some sort of debian certification, and I'd like to know if I can speak with you about this issue.

Briefly, my idea is to set up a protocol for this certification and offer a searchable database accessible all over the world for companies that want to verify the validity of the certification, and to give to debian project part of the money needed to get the certification,
possibly 10% or maybe even more.

I'm waiting for your reply!

I'm not sure exactly what certification you're thinking of, but I'm
probably not the best person to ask.  I'm guessing that the
debian-project mailing list might be able to help increase mutual
understanding, so I've CC'd that with this reply.


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